Only at OPEX Week Summer Will the Two Pinnacle Aspects of True OPEX Combine:

People & Technology

A high performing business needs both operationally excellent people AND operationally excellent technology. 

As the business world continues to hurtle into this brave new world of platform based businesses and intelligent automation where the customer is king, don’t get left behind in ‘old school’ OPEX thinking…

The OPEX leaders that will survive and thrive from 2020, are those that recognize and embrace that they need to combine the capability of both people and technology. 

OPEX Week Summer provides the ultimate bridge to connect OPEX & Enterprise Architecture professionals. 

OPEX Week Summer in Numbers:



Transformation Leaders On-Site



Thought-Provoking Speakers




Hours of Brainstorming and Discussion



PEX Network Community Members

OPEX Week Alumni Include:

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Challenge Your Own Assumptions - Matt Atkin, Senior Operations Manager, Uber

Be the Customer - Steven Carleton, COO, Global Shipping eBay Inc

Why Your Peers Attend OPEX Week Summer

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